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What are Divorce Papers?

Divorce Papers: NADRA Divorce Certificate Divorce Registration Papers: Pakistani Divorce Registration Certificate

NADRA Divorce Certificate is an Authentic Pakistani Divorce Registration Certificate

Divorce Certificate

NADRA Divorce Certificate or Pakistani Divorce Registration Certificate is issued after the e-registration of divorce or khula in NADRA's database

Divorce Papers: NADRA Divorce Certificate or Pakistani Divorce Registration Certificate is issued after the e-registration of divorce or khula in NADRA’s database through Union Council. The Union Council, through NADRA’s e-registration, records the divorce in the official computerized database. This divorce certificate is the main and authentic divorce paper. However, some people call a divorce deed (Talaq Nama) as divorce papers, and some people call a family court’s decree as divorce papers. All these papers/documents can be called as “Divorce Papers”.



Divorce is an unpleasant end of a marriage

Divorce Documents or Divorce Deed or Nadra Divorce Certificate is the proof of a divorce.

Divorce is an end of a marriage. Divorce is the process of ending a married relationship. Divorce involves the cancellation or reorganization of the legal responsibilities of marriage, thereby dissolving the marital bond between a couple under the laws of the state or country in which they live.

Divorce is a legal dissolution of marriage, which removes both the legal obligations and responsibilities of marriage between a married couple under the law of the state or country. There are also several divorce rights in Pakistan.

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What is the difference between an uncontested divorce and a contested divorce?

When you and your spouse agree on all of the outstanding issues from your separation, you will have an uncontested divorce. Essentially, this means that both of you have agreed on everything – parenting arrangements, child support, spousal support, and how to divide your property, assets, debts, and pensions.

If your divorce is uncontested, you will probably never have to appear in court. A court staff member and a judge will handle your divorce ‘behind the scenes’.

If you are divorcing, this means that you do not agree on some or all of the issues that resulted from the separation. The divorce process begins when one spouse files a Petition for Divorce and the other spouse files an Answer. Answer shows that the other spouse disagrees with something requested in the divorce. The spouse who files the divorce petition is called the petitioner. It is the other spouse who responds.

Divorce process

Here is a step-by-step guide to obtaining a divorce:


  • Come in person to the arbitration council
  • Record Checking
  • Data Entry
  • Proofreading
  • Check out Proofreading
  • Final Print
  • Signature by the Chairman Arbitration Council

Documents Required

  • Original Divroce paper
  • Copy of Divorce paper
  • Copy of CNIC (Divorcer and Divorcee)
  • Copy of CNIC of the Father of Divorcer and Divorcee

NADRA Divorce Certificate 

 The husband may divorce his lawfully wedded wife through a Deed of Khula Divorce, which can be prepared based on Triple Divorce being declared before a witness. Khula may only be sought from the husband if the wife’s right to divorce has been deleted or is not authorized in her marriage contract, known as “Nikkanama”.

Accordingly, in most cases, our litigation department will assist the wife in completing a Khula application with the court based on the following law and ordinance:

  • The Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act of 1939
  • The Muslim Family Law Ordinance of 1961
  • (West Pakistan) Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act 1962
  • (West Pakistan) Family Courts Act 1964
  • The offense of Zina (Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance 1979
  • Law of Evidence (Qanun-e-Shahadat) Order 1984
  • Enforcement of Sharia Act 1991
  • Dowry and Bridal Gifts (Restriction) Act 1976
  • Prohibition (Enforcement of Hudood) Order 1979
  • Offense of Qazf (Enforcement of Hudood ) Order 1979
  • Execution of Punishment of Whipping Ordinance 1979


The husband is the one who has the authority to divorce his wife, though he can delegate that authority to a third party. In that case, the divorce could be declared by the person who was delegated such power. “Talaq-e-Tafweez” divorce refers to the delegation of power called “Tafweez” to the wife by the husband, thereby empowering her to divorce herself. In accordance with Sections 7 and 8 of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance (VIII of 1961) 2013 CLC 1625.

Issuance of divorce certificate in Pakistan

Divorce certificates in Pakistan are issued after the Nadra divorce certificate procedure has been completed. The divorce certificate is the only proof of divorce in Pakistan. If the divorce certificate Nadra Pakistan needs to be verified, it can be taken to the Nadra office or relevant union council. A divorce certificate is generated by the software provided by Nadra. There is no separate divorce certificate for overseas divorces. The same divorce registration certificate Pakistan is used by overseas Pakistanis, and this divorce registration certificate Pakistan is recognized throughout the world. From the manual database, Pakistan is now using a computerized database system, and the records of Pakistanis are entered by the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra). As of today, Nadra has a record of computerized marriage certificates, a computerized divorce certificate, a computerized death certificate, a computerized birth certificate, a computerized family certificate, a computerized arms license, and in the future many more tasks should be given to Nadra. Get a Pakistani divorce certificate from Right  Law Associates. We are able to provide these certificates very quickly. We can prepare divorce papers in Pakistan and, after the divorce process in Pakistan is completed, we can also get you the nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan. If you have any question as how to get divorce certificate in Pakistan or how to get nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan from overseas or how to get a divorce certificate in few days or what are the Nadra divorce certificate requirements you can contact our Advocates and request a divorce certificate We have economical Nadra divorce certificate fees as our services charges for obtaining a divorce certificate Nadra in Pakistan. Also, if the divorce certificate has already been issued, you can request a duplicate copy as well as a divorce certificate format.

Computerized Nadra Divorce Certificate

Divorce papers submitted by the wife to a court for khula may not mean that she is divorced, even if a valid decree has been issued by a family court. A divorce decree is only a statement that the divorce has been declared by the court. After the divorce process in Pakistan, a Pakistani wife is legally considered divorced only when a Pakistani divorce certificate is issued from Nadra. Upon submitting divorce papers to any Arbitration council / Union council in Pakistan and requesting a divorce certificate from that council, the husband is issued a Nadra divorce certificate, which is a Pakistani divorce certificate. In Pakistan, if a husband submits divorce papers, that does not constitute divorce. Attending divorce proceedings in Pakistan does not constitute divorce. The divorce process in Pakistan ends when the Nadra divorce certificate is issued to the husband. After a divorce certificate Nadra is issued, the person is now divorced and no further proceedings are necessary. The divorce certificate in Pakistan is the same for both men and women. Nadra Pakistan divorce certificates are recognized abroad as well, and there is no separate overseas divorce certificate available. Verifying a divorce certificate is now easy since it has a tracking number on it that can be tracked if the divorce certificate Pakistan sample is available. You can also verify the divorce certificate union council in Pakistan. Only the divorce registration certificate from Pakistan can be used as proof of divorce in foreign countries. Following divorce certificate attestation, these countries also verify the divorce certificate online through Nadra. 

What is divorce registration certificate?

The divorce certificate Pakistan is issued after the court of arbitration council finalizes your divorce proceedings. Nadra Pakistan divorce certificate is the last step to a divorce proceeding. Divorce certificates can be verified by the Nadra office or by the relevant union council.

Does Nadra issue a divorce certificate?

The divorce certificate is issued by Nadra and is a computerized document. A divorce proceeding will be initiated through the Union Council of Pakistan. The iddat period typically lasts for 90 days, after which the card will be issued.

What rights does a divorced wife have?

It is legal for a wife to remain in the matrimonial home when her spouse dies, regardless of the circumstances. Women who have divorced may choose to remain in their matrimonial homes until they are able to find a place to live for themselves. She is legally allowed to remain there.

How can I obtain my divorce certificate in Pakistan?

Divorce certificates in Pakistan can be issued by the Family Court OR the Arbitration Council [AC]. The Arbitration Council represents the local area in which the woman lives.  In the document [issued by the court and the AC], the parties’ names and the date of divorce are listed.

What is the process of divorce in Pakistan?

The procedure of divorce in Pakistan:

  1. The divorce deeds are prepared.
  2. The original is sent to an arbitration court.
  3. A copy is sent to the wife.
  4. A notice to the husband and wife was sent by the court.
  5. Two members serve as arbitrators.
  6. In the event of a failure in arbitration, a divorce certificate is issued.

How can I get divorce certificate online in Pakistan?

Required documents for Divorce Certificate

  1. An affidavit of divorce (signed by an authorized officer)
  2. Copies of husband and wife’s CNICs.
  3. Copies of passports of spouses.
  4. An undertaking by husband and wife.
  5. A copy of the marriage certificate.
  6. Copy of court orders for Talaq (in case of Khula)
  7. 02 Witnesses (to be appeared) of each party

What happens to the marriage certificate after a divorce?

Following a divorce, the courts do not return marriage certificates. It is because both petitioner and respondent receive a decree absolute concluding that their marriage has ended. The decree serves as absolute proof that you were divorced and once married.

Do you have to attend court for a divorce?

Most of the time, you will not have to attend court in order to get divorced. In order to end a marriage legally, documents will need to be filed with the court; however, this does not necessarily mean you will have to appear before a judge

How long can a divorce take?

For all parties concerned, the uncontested divorce is the best and most cost-effective option. Finalization can take less than four weeks. Divorces that are contested can take between two and three years, but most contested divorces settle before they go to trial.

 How do I apply for a divorce?

You can begin the divorce process in one of three ways:

  • Divorce can be obtained by filing a divorce petition
  • If you file a written divorce agreement, you can divorce by written agreement
  • A Joint Divorce Application is filed by both parties

A written agreement or joint application for divorce is always uncontested. Divorces may or may not proceed on an uncontested basis. 


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