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Nadra Death Certificate-Computerized

Nadra Computerized Death Certificate, as people call it, is normally issued by the Union Council or TMAs. Normally, a death certificate is either a medical document stating the date, location, and cause of a person’s death, as entered in an official register of deaths, or a document issued by the government civil registry office.

Documents describing a person’s cause of death, date, and place of death are known as death certificates. Through a special system in Pakistan, NADRA verifies the record of deceased persons and allows Union Councils/TMAs to issue the computerized death certificates, but these cannot be issued or obtained directly from NADRA.

Nadra death Certificate

NADRA Death Certificate Issuance

According to the address and area, one may obtain a NADRA computerized certificate of  death from the following authorities:

  1. Union Council
  2. TMA Office
  3. Cantonment Board Office
  4. Capital Development Authority (CDA) Islamabad

Documents Required For Getting NADRA Death Certificate

For getting a NADRA death certificate in Pakistan following documents are required:

  1. A copy of the hospital death certificate
  2. A copy of the graveyard slip
  3. A copy of the deceased’s CNIC
  4. Copy of the CNIC of the applicant
  5. A copy of the CNIC of the deceased’s father (if alive)
  6. A copy of the CNIC of any close blood relative

Step by Step Procedure For Getting NADRA Death Certificate

In order to get a Computerized DeathCertificate, the following procedure should be followed:


    1. You have to visit the concerned issuing office, with the required documents. These services are available in all major cities like Karachi, Islamabad,  Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Multan, etc. documents can be issued from local union councils. The TMA office is able to issue it in a few small cities, the cantonment board office can issue it in cantonments, and the CDA office in Islamabad can issue it for residents in that city.
    2. You will need to fill out an application form for a NADRA death certificate from the concerned issuing office. Applications are available at the same issuing office. Please see the sample application form for more information.
    3. Obtain the form from the same issuing office and submit it along with your documents.
    4. On the given date, collect the final document from the same issuing office. It normally takes 7-10 days for NADRA to issue a death certificate when all the required documents are available. However, this period may vary depending on the circumstances.
    5. Ensure that all NADRA death certificates contain accurate information. Re-check particulars on a death certificate and ask for correction if there is any type of mistake by the issuing office.

NADRA Death Certificate Verification-Online Check

As NADRA does not issue Death Certificates directly, there is no way to check a Death Certificate online. However, a death certificate can be verified by the office of the issuing authority. 

Important Information About Issuing Death Certificate

Despite how much we run from death, it is something we will never be able to escape. In a former life, someone once said, “Papers separate us from animals.” Just as with every human endeavor, death also requires a tonne of paperwork. Firstly, medical professionals must authenticate deaths, and the process must be carried out fairly by them. Medical practitioners who fail to issue a death certificate may cause a number of legal issues for the deceased’s family. Prior to issuing a death certificate, the medical practitioner has to verify all the details related to the death and cannot issue one under pressure. Doctors should be diligent in noting the cause of death or probable cause of death, but they must conclude the cause solely based on clinical findings, not extraneous factors.

When the doctor treating the patient is completely satisfied with the clinical diagnosis and corroborating tests, a death certificate and the most likely cause of death can be issued. During a myocardial infarction or when a person has meningitis, the electrocardiogram would be displayed. The cause of death would have to be declared only after a thorough review and verification of all facts associated with the cause, resulting in and leading to the dying person. An unnatural death may only be certified by the doctor if it is inexplicable. They must inform the police so they can continue investigating and perform a postmortem. A doctor must verify and determine the deceased’s name, age, sex, religion, and address before issuing a death certificate as Nadra Death Certificate would be issued on the same information.

Corrections at a later stage would be extremely difficult for the next of kin, which could even delay the finalization of a death claim, reimbursement of hospital bills, insurance claims, obtaining probate or succession certificate, settlement of the estate, and even the funeral. Payment of property claims, the release of gratuities, provident fund claims, etc. The stipulates that death must be informed within 72 hours to the local municipal authorities. 


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