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Online Nikah and Online Marriage in Pakistan

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What is an Online Nikah?

Online nikahs are court marriages or nikahs performed online. It follows the same protocols and steps as a real nikah but is conducted via video call (nikah via video call) or conference call. When done properly, it is recognized by Pakistani law and international law, for example in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, etc.

Many people from countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, etc. do online marriage through Pakistani online marriage services like Right Law Associates, because in Arab countries they require a Wali to sign and be present at the wedding. As long as the woman is marrying of her own free will and choice, a wali is not required in Pakistan.

“A Muslim woman has the exclusive right to decide whom to marry and she cannot be compelled to disassociate her relation with her husband for the simple reason that her marriage has not been approved by her parents….Supreme court of Pakistan upheld the case holding that consent of a “wali” is not required and a sui juris Muslim female can enter into a valid nikkah/nikah/marriage of her own free will.” PLD 2004 SC 219

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Is online nikah legally valid?

The answer is yes; both internationally and in Pakistan. We will ensure that the marriage is registered in Pakistan by conducting the online nikkah through us. Upon registering their marriage in Pakistan, our clients only need to attest documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (which we can also do) and the relevant Embassies, and they can then use that document to legally register their marriage in their home countries.

Online Legal Service Providers in Pakistan can help you easily register your marriage or prepare your marriage certificate online. 

Nikahnama in Urdu is used for Court marriages and Online Nikah. An English version is also available for those conducting an Online Nikah overseas.

The requirement of a Wali For an Online Nikah

Among Muslim countries, wali means “guardian”, and in many cases, the father is the guardian of a female. There is no need for a wali to register a marriage in Pakistan.

Pakistani living overseas, are able to register their marriages in Pakistan this way. They receive a NADRA Marriage certificate, which they can use to register their marriage in their home country or process their visas and immigration applications.

“A Muslim adult female can marry without the consent of her wali” PLD 1997 Lah 301

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For Online Nikah, Official Urdu/English Nikah Nama is used

In the Nikah Nama, there are 25 sections. Sections 1 to 5 deal with personal details. According to Pakistani law, the bride must be at least 18 years old to register her marriage. Witnesses are discussed in sections 7-12. Assets, gifts, and Haq Mehr given to the bride are discussed in sections 13-17, as well as their format (i.e. gold, cash, etc) and their due date.

Sections 18 and 19 give her the right to give talaq, while Section 20 relates to the monthly allowance that the husband gives his wife. In sections 21 and 22-25, the witness’s presence at the marriage is recorded, along with the groom’s marital status and permission from his first wife. In the event that you require a nikah name in a hurry, we can expedite your Nikah nama (Nikah Document) and get the process started online for you. The nikahnama is available in both English and Urdu. For more information, contact us.

An Online Nikah requires the following documents:

An online nikah requires the following documents:-

  • Both bride and groom must present their ID cards (CNICs if they are Pakistanis, passports if they are not).
  • A woman’s divorce certificate is required if she has been divorced.
  • Prenuptial agreements must be legalized in Pakistan before being used (in Pakistan or abroad).
  • The Nikahnama (in either English or Urdu) will be provided by us.
  • A Special Power of Attorney on behalf of the bride and groom may be necessary in some cases

Depending on your personal situation, location, and circumstance, we can arrange witnesses for the Online Nikah / Court Marriage, and the costs will be relayed to you when our specialist contacts you.

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Online Nikah Procedure and Process in Pakistan

Nikah online and court marriages are very straightforward and usually take only an hour (once all the paperwork has been received). B Forms/Passports/CNICs of both (soon-to-be) spouses, as well as the CNICs of the witnesses, are required.

  • The Nikkahnama is first processed with the relevant documents (as described above).
  • In order to conduct the religious ceremony, we arrange a conference call/video call
  • In the union council, our nikah khawan will register the marriage after the religious ceremony has been conducted
  • The NADRA marriage certificate will be issued to you, which you can submit to NADRA or have attested.

The spouses may be required to sign an affidavit stating that they are getting married of their own free will. A NOC may be required for marriage in some countries.

Nikah Only or Shari’a Nikah

Sharia Nikah doesn’t require documentation and is just the religious ceremony of the nikah. An amount of Haq Mehr and a religious sermon (called a dua) are read in the presence of the bride and groom and their witnesses.

From a legal perspective, this has no legal value in many countries despite its religious significance. Contact us if you would like more information about this service.

Minimum Age limit For Nikah and Court Marriages

Marriage in Pakistan is legal at the age of 18 for men and 16 for women.

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